Nancy Griswold was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She acquired her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and also studied the arts at Bennington College, Hartford Art School, Northeastern University and Decordova Museum Art School. She spent thirteen years in the Boston area studying and working in the arts. In 1985 she moved to central New Hampshire for a more peaceful atmosphere. The physical beauty of the natural surroundings in New Hampshire was a catalyst in her new passion in the arts.  13 years later Nancy returned to Connecticut to pursue teaching and continue her own explorations in the arts.  Northern New England drew her again in 2008.  She returned to live in both the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the rolling hills of Vermont. Today she has settled in Upper Valley Vermont along the Connecticut River which borders New Hampshire. The area is abundant in scenic views, artists and cultural events. Nancy has returned to oil painting and now paints both plein air and studio works. She continues to teach private classes and market her original works as well as reproductions and her print renditions.

Griswold is a diversified and multi-talented artist.  She has both taught and been very prolific in her own artistic pursuits over the years.  Her employment history has encompassed fields of graphic arts, illustration, teaching, pottery, and painting. As diversified as her art, her achievements have followed suit. To mention just a few, she was juried in to appear in the 2000 issue of “New Art International”. Her art has been reproduced in Electronic Publishing. She has created a number of illustrations; some have been produced by L.L.Bean, the ‘94’ Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games, New Hampshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club and Yosemite National Park.  Her pottery ornament was selected by the White House Staff to exhibit in the “Blue Room”. It remains a part of the permanent collection of the White House.

Some of her other works include a mural painting titled “Changes of the Seasons”. The mural was started in 1993 and is a multitude of panels spanning 68’ x 3’ in size.  Her fine art photography series include titled “Rock Gods and Nature Deities”, “Nature Mandalas” and “Northern New England Print Renditions”. Her work is in continual expansion and you can preview some of them on this website.

She believes that her art is a product of vision, desire and discovery; and that it’s growth is dependent on challenges, courage and constant vigilance. Breaking the barriers of fear, introducing fun and skills are some of her goals as mentor and teacher.

By Nancy Griswold – December 2014

I thank you to each and every buyer, friend and family member for your continued support. It gives me great satisfaction to know that both my original oil paintings and reproductions are now throughout the Untied States in both homes and businesses where they are shared, appreciated and seen.

The last year and a half I have been settling into a home in Upper Valley Vermont along the Connecticut River.  It has ample studio space and endless possibilities. My brushes are wet once more as I have just begun to paint after along interlude of moving, reestablishing my living base and rehabilitating an old New England house. This year I will be surging ahead with oil painting and art endeavors as much as possible while I explore the new area I live in. Being in close proximity to the White Mountain National Forest, I plan to return there to paint again. The rolling hills of Vermont are also captivating me with beautiful landscape wherever I go. As I enter my senior years, I will continue to simplify and redirect my artwork once more. Painting with other professional artists outdoors is inspiring as it is a motivating and rewarding experience. 2015 will surely be another transitional year. I hope you will visit my recent online posts; found on my Facebook Page, Nancy Griswold – Fine Artist.  

By Nancy Griswold - January 2013

A heart of enormous gratitude to all art appreciators, collectors, artists, friends and family who have given me continued support for my work throughout 2012; inspiring me to continue in my creative endeavor with ambition this new year.

This year I will be continuing my oil paintings and print renditions in Northern New England and the White Mountains of New Hampshire in order to show and share them publically in planned exhibitions.

Some new happenings are as follows: I have joined in quest with www.PaintTheParks.com and now will offer 10% proceeds of my sales of public lands paintings to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to help preserve and protect our public lands. The ATC has honored my landscapes by posting my gallery in their shop at: http://www.appalachiantrail.org/donate/more-ways-to-donate/shop-for-atc. I have also been fulfilled this last year to do some commissions, teaching groups and privates oil painting. I will hope the trend continues.

Painting on location in some of the most beautiful places in New England is my passion. I will hope for more and be grateful for each moment I am blessed with the opportunity.

Wishing you all a great new year in all aspects of life.

By Nancy Griswold – January 2012

Creativity is generated through the work itself.  That concept has never failed me. So it is through the work itself that the evolution will appear. Oil Paintings and Print Renditions of the North Country will be my primary pursuits in art-making this year. I am enjoying the seasonal changes of this beautiful environment and plan to take advantage of the scenic surroundings while I have this opportunity. Another year of sharing works online and locally has revealed a supportive community of artists and art appreciators. Thank you to all who shared art or art appreciation with me. Please continue to check in for updates; also check facebook and my other website for recent posts: http://nancy-griswold.artistwebsites.com/

Thank you for witnessing this journey of art.

By Nancy Griswold  - November 2010

 I have had the good fortune to have a passion for visual art and art history for many years. I studied under artists, who I consider to be great artists that have had an impact on my work and the direction I have chosen to purse in life. These oil painters are George Nick, Richard Sheehan, John Avakian and Edward Mead.I feel honored to have had the opportunity to accept their advice and direction during mentoring sessions; as there is something in their work or philosophies that captivated my vision and interests at the time I was studying under them.

John Donne (1572-1631) writes: "No Man is an Island, Entire of Itself". For me, this is truth. There are many who have contributed to my art pursuits directly and indirectly. Many don't even realize that by sharing themselves they have helped me to process my work and have contributed greatly to needs of inspiration, wonder, information and experience. Then there is nature, mere observation of the natural world has given me an understanding of primary elements of art and life, as well as a source for interpretation. Nature has also given me solitude, exhilaration and peace of mind which I need to survive.

In October of 2008, I returned to live in northern New England. I roam in both New Hampshire and Vermont. The power of this place with mountains, lakes and nature resonates well with me for this new beginning and healing I so desire. I reside in the foothills of the White Mountains near some of the most beautiful natural wonders for ongoing inspiration. Check in for the new North Country artworks which will develop in time.


Thank you for witnessing this journey of art.