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Rock Gods and Nature Deities

A slide show of this series, prints, cards and other reproductions for sale are found at this link: Rock Gods and Nature Deities Artwork

“I am interested in capturing the close up worlds of rock, water and wood. Carrying my visual discoveries further, I reorder the original photography….the art reflects my interests in concepts of the fractal universe, quantum physics and nature’s microhabitat worlds. The spiritual philosophies of Buddhism and the native American connection with nature are integrally related to my work” Nancy L. Griswold

“The primordial awe evoked by uncalculating natural formation, as instinctual as visual in the primitive gaze, encounters the deft and knowing manual and digital urgings of an artistic hand in the photographic revisions of Nancy L. Griswold. Her “Rock Gods and Nature Deities” series probes the crevices of intuitive suggestion to pry spirits and woodland goddesses out of their blending abodes.” New Art International, 2000