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Recent photographs, prints, cards and other reproductions for sale are found at this link: Nature and Scenic Photography Artwork. If you see a particular image that you would like a print or card of that is not on the print gallery; contact Griswold through this website and she will upload it for you to order cards or prints.

“Photographs, like art, are visual. It is most difficult to translate the language of visual communication into words; it is a different form of communication entirely. Like many artists, I shoot to take and to translate my impressions and feelings of a moment in time, a close and long observation or an immediate happening. The subject matter beckons me intuitively, emotionally or intellectually and is worthy of the effort to capture a reflection of those sensations and observations for later use and sharing with others. Through observation, I explore and through experiences, I also explore. It is through exploration that new worlds are opened to me and many questions about life can be answered.” Nancy Griswold