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A slide show of this mural at a show, prints, cards and other reproductions are found at this link: The Mural Changes of the Seasons Artwork

“Changes of the Seasons” is a mural painting in progress.  It presently consists of seventeen  4’ x 3’ canvassed panels that join together to create an elongated picture image. Each panel is intended to stand alone a pictorial image, as well as being an integral part of the entire mural.  The mural will make full circle so that there would be no beginning and no end to the image.   I hope to have twelve panels selected to create a calendar. Details and singular panels of the painting will be note card illustrations. Each Panel represented is intended to include a multitude of both clear and suggested images, The viewer will find more images with deeper observation.

I exhibit this mural as it is in progress and I am always searching for exhibition/ installation space in which the viewing is enhanced.  Presently, I am working on an accordion folding children’s book in which each panel will become on page of the book that opens up into one long pictorial image.  This may be the story of a little leaf that sees his life as a journey into the unexpected after he is ripped from the tree of life during a storm. This story is intended to offer solace and a new perspective for young children who feel displaced, orphaned or have endured radical changes during their childhood that are difficult to deal with.

This is the first work of art have created in which there is little foresight to the content.  The painting has taken itself in the process.  I let the forms and figures evolve from suggested brush strokes.  A seasonal change is one of the overall themes, as it will take many months of fragmented moments for this painting to evolve. The process has allowed me the freedom to incorporate daily observations and sensitivity of environmental
changes into this mural.

As this mural evolves, I noticed a direction in creating biomorphic forms and surrealistic shapes. My research of the natural world from prehistoric to present day living organisms has inspired my observations and enhancements of nature.

Nancy L. Griswold